Some interesting content on the LawSchoolSecretstoSuccess website

I was looking something up about the person the Rutter Group was named after (we use those practice guides a lot at the office) and it mentioned they also founded the Gilbert study guides.

I looked that up and came across a strange website that had a review of the Gilbert outlines. They also had other information.

While I don’t agree with everything the website says, and I haven’t looked at anything other than the two pages I’m going to discuss here, there’s some important things you might find helpful. On this page:

Secrets #2; #3; and #4 are must reads. They’re things I’ve been telling you, but maybe if you read them there you’ll internalize them and take action. The other stuff on the page is somewhat true, but I don’t agree with all of it.

They also talk about the FYLSX here:

They’re saying 150 practice essays and 3,000 practice MBE. I did probably 80 practice essays and 1,800 practice MBE. That allowed me to earn a 639 scaled (79%) on my first attempt. I would say what I did is the low end and what they’re suggesting is the high end for the FYLSX. The overarching point is that the only way to succeed on the exam is to do a massive amount of practice over a sustained period of time. You cannot cram for this exam. There’s a skill set that must be developed in order to pass. You must memorize the law, and then practice exam taking.

That website is clearly trying to market their products. They ostensively review other products and then explain why theirs are supposedly better. I have no opinion on any of that, especially since I relied on several of the products they criticize.

At any rate, I hope that some of the information is useful. I found it interesting and thought it worth sharing.